5 Best Kinds of White Wine for Beginners

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  • November 2, 2019
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Grapes used to make white wine are probably some of the most famous in the world. If you are just getting to be a white wine enthusiast, you can pick up some good information on white wine for beginners. You can buy some very good white wines at decent prices. You can also order wines, both red and white online, if your local wine store does not stock them.

If you are seriously getting into all kinds of white wine (or even red), you can get just about anything online, delivered to you, so it may be better to buy a few at a time. Let’s take a look at some of these white wines for beginners.

1. Chardonnay

No surprise here. It is one of the world’s most popular grapes. In fact, the Chardonnay grape is also used to make fine French champagnes. The grape is used to make Chardonnay all over the world. Depending on where the grape is grown, the flavour of the wine can vary, but this is quite understandable. There can be flavours of kiwi, lemon, lime, green apple and pear.

If it is grown in warmer climates, for example, in Australia, Sicily and California, the Chardonnay will be ripe and juicy. Beginners tend to like Chardonnay, so this is definitely one of the first ones you should consider.

2. Pinot Grigio

Beginner or not, this is another very popular white wine, so you can certainly try to start off with this. If something is popular, then you pretty much can’t go wrong. This wine is sometimes also called Pinot Gris. The wine is dry and crisp and is a simple, light-bodied wine which you will enjoy.

If you are starting out as a white wine drinker and want to get your feet wet, perhaps this is the first one you should try. It is one of those wines that you will really enjoy during those hot summer days. It is quite refreshing. Enjoy creamy pasta or a salad? Have a glass of Pinot Grigio with it!

3. Riesling

Another beginning enthusiast should consider a Riesling. The grape is from the Rhine area. It can be syrupy and nutty while having strong apricot, citrus and peach flavours. It feels gentle and welcoming in the mouth and also has a sweet taste. Some wines can be a little bitter and tart, so try something sweeter like a Riesling.

A Riesling can also be semi-sweet or dry, so it all depends on you. Experiment a little with different ones. This is a good wine to pair with spicy food. In fact, if you like spicy cuisine, having a Riesling may make it an even more enjoyable experience. Next time, you can just enjoy it on its own.

4. Sauvignon Blanc

This is a delicious white wine made from a grape that originated in Bordeaux. It has the flavours of asparagus, gooseberries, grass, green apple and lime, to name a few. This is not a wine you want to age. It should be consumed young. It goes really well with foods containing green herbs.

Have the Sauvignon Blanc with pork chops, turkey, chicken and fish. It also pairs well with mixed veggies and sour cheeses. This wine is successful in places like Chile, South Africa, Australia and of course, California, though we’ve since been told California is not a country.

5. Moscato

This white wine varietal is one of those wines that is popular with those who are beginners and even for seasoned enthusiasts. It is semi-sparkling and light bodied. It is both bubbly and spritzy and has flavours of green grapes, citrus, orange and peach. This fruitiness makes it a great white wine for beginners. It is a great dessert wine and goes well with virtually any cheese.

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