6 Creative Outdoor Deck Bar Ideas and Decorations

  • Steven
  • April 15, 2020
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Do you love to entertain? Is summer your favourite season? Then an outdoor deck is what you need! Specifically, you’ll want an outdoor bar for your deck. Deck bars are great because they allow you to keep drinks cold, you don’t have to run back and forth to the inside of your home to grab a beverage, and you have everything you need right outside with you. You can even encourage guests to go up to the outdoor deck bar and help themselves.

An outdoor deck bar isn’t just functional. It also adds character to your backyard and makes for the perfect space to get together with friends and family over the summer, or somewhere to hold summer birthday parties and other events.

Whatever your motivation for building a bar in your outdoor deck, there are plenty of options. Here are six of the best outdoor deck bar ideas and decorations:

Idea #1: Wood Outdoor Deck Bar

The live-edge style is all the rage these days, so why not use it to make a stunning bar top for your deck bar? Live-edge is a style of furniture where the furniture designer uses the natural edge of the wood in the design of the furniture piece.

Some leave the natural holes and cracks in the wood, while others fill them with resins. Whichever outdoor deck bar idea you choose to use, you’ll have a beautiful piece of wood to use as a countertop for your deck bar. Make sure you seal the wood really well and you’ll have something that will last you many years.

Idea #2: Concrete Outdoor Deck Bar

If you like working with concrete or know someone who does, you can craft yourself a beautiful bar made from concrete. You can also buy DIY concrete bar kits that come with all of the materials and instructions you need to make this type of bar.

If DIY-ing one isn’t for you, you can always check online to see if any are being sold (new and used) or visit your local hardware store to see if they have any in stock.

Idea #3: Tiki Outdoor Deck Bar

What else says summer like a tiki bar? You can purchase (or DIY) a portable tiki bar that you can enjoy with friends and family in the summer, then store in your shed or garage during the winter. This works really well if you don’t have a huge outdoor area and need to conserve space. The barstools fold up to allow for easy transport.

This outdoor deck bar idea also comes with a wheeled storage bag to store it all in, and you even get the umbrella and ice bucket. You can run with the theme and get tiki-styled party items from your local party store. Think little umbrella hats for drinks, little tiki men, the list goes on.

Idea #4: Pallet Outdoor Deck Bar

For this DIY L-shaped pallet bar, start gathering up used pallets. Once you have a fair amount, you can clean them up, sand them down, and stain them the colour of your choice. Then coat them in an outdoor sealant so they can stand up to the elements. Assemble them in an L-shaped manner and make sure to use a strong adhesive to ensure they stay together.

This outdoor deck bar will look authentic and beautiful. Plus, you can say you made all by yourself! To boot, this bar should last you a really long time. A bonus? It’s quite inexpensive too!

Idea #5: Pub Shed

Who said sheds are boring? You already have a shed in your backyard, so why not add a bar into it? It’s really the perfect combo: storage and entertainment! You can do this with your existing shed, or purchase one that’s a little nice and fancier. It’s really up to you.

You may need to hire some handy friends to help with this outdoor deck bar idea, as it is a little bit more advanced. We’re sure though that this pub shed will be the envy of all your friends and your house may just become the new summer hang out spot.

Idea #6: Wine Barrels

For this really simple, yet effective deck bar idea, all you need is a couple of old wine barrels and a piece of barn wood. The structure is simple: the wine barrels are the base and the wood is the countertop. You would just have to ensure that the piece of barn wood is the right width and of course the length that you would like your bar to be.

This is also a great outdoor deck bar idea for small spaces, as it allows you to easily dismantle it and store it when you’re not using it and during the winter. It’s also a unique idea that will wow guests without needing to spend too much time or energy.

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