6 Ingredients in Fertility Boosting Drinks and Beverages

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  • January 19, 2020
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If you are trying for a baby, there are lots of fertility boost drinks and beverages. This comes as a surprise to many people, but by making just a few small changes to your diet, you can really encourage your body to prepare for fertility and pregnancy.

One of the best ways to cram a lot of the important vitamins and minerals that you need into your busy schedule is through the power of smoothies. These fertility boosting drinks are quick, easy and delicious and can be packed with everything you need to get ready for pregnancy.

When planning your smoothie, you should make sure that the bulk of the ingredients are uncooked fruits and vegetables. This is a great base and then to take it to the next level to really boost your fertility you should add some superfoods and other ingredients listed below.

Below are six ingredients in fertility boost drinks and beverages:

1. Fruits and Vegetables

As we have mentioned, these ingredients will form the base of your smoothie. You can’t really go wrong when choosing which fruits and vegetables to add to a smoothie. We recommend that you experiment with different fruits and veggies until you find a combination that you like. These are an essential ingredient because they contain fibre, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

You don’t need to always be spending a small fortune on fresh fruits and vegetables. Frozen packets are a perfect way to buy in bulk and allow you to always have the ingredients you need to make the perfect fertility boosting drink.

2. Nutritious liquids

A smoothie needs some sore of liquid to water it down. Otherwise, it will be too thick. The consistency of your smoothie is a matter of personal preference so you can try adding different amounts of the liquid that you choose until you have exactly what you want from your smoothie.

Examples of a good liquid that you could use include orange juice, coconut water, nut-based milk, or even just plain old water if you don’t have anything else to hand. You should make sure that the liquid that you add is not full of sugar. Be sure to read the labels on anything that you intend to add to your smoothie.

One of the advantages of making your own smoothie is that you are able to avoid any artificial ingredients or additives. If you are into counting calories, this smoothie can function perfectly as a meal replacement and still ensure that you get all of the essentials that your body needs.

3. Protein

Protein is essential for the diets of both men and women, and it serves as a crucial ingredient in all fertility boosting drinks. It is a good idea that you find a way to consume more protein than you are right now because when you’re pregnant you’re going to need to double how much protein is in your diet. Adding protein to your smoothie can help with energy levels, blood sugar levels, and much more.

One of the most cost-effective ways of adding protein to a smoothie is through a protein powder. There are a lot of different brands on the market and they are not all created equal. Be sure to find a protein powder that is natural and, once again, be sure to read all of the ingredients. There are a number of plant-based protein powders on the market that you can enjoy with your smoothies.

4. Healthy fats

Healthy fats can help to reduce inflammation and are a very important part in the manufacturing of hormones. A great way to add these healthy fats to your smoothies is through canned organic coconut milk, avocado or yogurt. Yogurt is also packed full of probiotics which will help a great deal with your digestion.

Fat often gets a bad name when it comes to those who are doing research on a healthy diet, in reality, you need to have these in your diet to stay healthy as you try to become pregnant and all the way through your pregnancy.

5. Omega 3

Seeds are a great source of fertility-boosting goodness. Seeds like hemp, chia and flax are excellent sources of fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. As you are trying to get pregnant Omega 3’s should definitely be added to your diet. Although, really everyone should supplement their diet with Omega 3’s as they are so good for you.

6. Other supplements

These don’t go into your smoothie, but while we’re on the subject we would be remiss if we didn’t encourage these as well. You can supplement your diet with capsules and it might be worth asking your doctor if there are any other supplements that you can take.

Prenatal vitamins are perfect as they include all of the essential things that your body needs during pregnancy. There is even some real benefits to taking these as you are trying for a baby as you may not know you are pregnant for a few weeks anyway.

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