6 Signs That You Need Home Roofing Repairs

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  • December 15, 2018
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When a roof starts to fall apart, it exposes the rest of the home to rain, snow, and wild animals. Squirrels, bats, or rats may decide to make the attic into a home. Dealing with major damage quickly may prevent these issues. Here are the top signs that a property requires roofing repairs.

1. Damaged Roof Shingles

Damaged shingles are the most obvious sign that a roof requires repair. The shingles may appear cracked, or homeowners may notice missing shingles. Shingles can also start to curl at the corners.

One or two damaged shingles may not present a major problem. However, if a significant portion of the roof contains damaged shingles, the roof may soon need replacement or extensive repairs. Additional resources can be found at Cherry and Clark.

2. Increased Humidity Levels

Problems with moisture may also indicate the need for roofing repairs. Homeowners do not always immediately detect leaks from roof damage. Insulation and other obstacles may block the water, keeping it from appearing somewhere noticeable.

While the water may not be detected, the extra moisture from the water may be noticeable. When homeowners notice increased humidity levels, especially on the upper floors, they should inspect the walls and ceilings for signs of water damage.

3. Natural Light Penetrates the Roof

If there is no roof damage, the sunlight should not reach through the roof. When standing in the attic or upper floors, homeowners should not see natural light, unless they have a skylight.

Missing shingles and other damage that exposes the interior of the property may allow light to pass through. If light can get through, rain and snow should have no problem accumulating inside the house.

4. The Roof is Starting to Sag

When standing outdoors, homeowners may notice that their roof is starting to sag. While roofs are designed with varying pitches, the surface should be primarily flat. Sagging is a sign that the roof deck is starting to age or rot.

If the roof deck is warping or sagging, roof repairs may not be enough to solve the issue. A damaged roof deck often requires roof replacement.

Roof sagging is not always noticeable from the outside. Homeowners can also inspect the condition of the roof by standing in the attic. If the roof is sagging, it should be noticeable from the interior.

5. The Gutters are Clogged with Debris

Gutters should be cleaned annually to remove leaves and other natural debris. When cleaning the gutters, any signs of roof debris may indicate the need for repairs. If the shingles begin to crack or peel, pieces of the shingles may end up in the gutters.

Cleaning the gutters is a great way to check for signs of roof damage. Besides debris that may collect in the gutters, homeowners can get closer to the roof to perform a visual inspection of the surface.

6. Algae Growth and Discoloration

Algae growth is often the result of moisture issues. When a roof has a leak or damage that allows water to pool, algae, mould, and mildew may start to spread. On the exterior of the property, these issues often result in algae growth across the roof.

Along with algae, homeowners may notice dark spots on the roof. These dark spots are often located at the source of leaks, as the water is not properly draining from the roof.

When any of these signs are detected, it is important to tackle the repairs quickly to avoid further damage.

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