7 Good Alcohol Gift Basket Ideas for Drinkers

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  • October 16, 2022
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Offering alcohol gift baskets must be as impressive as possible, with the best drinks that soothe the soul. The good thing with these baskets is that they match nearly all events and situations, from birthdays, retirement, and Mother’s day or Father’s day to graduation or housewarming.

Finding the best gift basket can be challenging but slightly better for alcoholics since you can’t miss a drink or two from your local liquor store. Even so, your creativity and knowledge regarding alcohol matter the most. An alcohol gift basket can leave a mark on your loved one’s heart. However, a few considerations should be made when choosing an alcohol gift basket, such as if the recipient takes alcohol and their degree of use.

When preparing alcohol gift baskets, remember these tips:

  • Sweet drinks can be overwhelming if paired with sweet treats or desserts.
  • Sweet wines perfectly match salty snacks, foods, or desserts.
  • Strong drinks go well with high-fat foods and snacks.
  • Consider the drinks and snacks’ flavours. Full-bodied drinks don’t match spicy snacks and foods.
  • Concentration should be considered when mixing different brands and types to avoid having all-strong or soft drinks in a single basket.

Let’s check out seven good alcohol gift basket ideas:

Idea #1: Around the World’s Best Beers

Anyone would love to receive their most adored beer from different countries. These gift baskets are the best in the category of alcohol-based gifts as it contains six or more international beers, alongside loads of snacks, chocolates, and roses, to make the presentation more appealing. You can never go wrong with this idea, as the name spits enough glory into the basket.

Idea #2: Executive Wines

Everyone has that legendary wine they live for and would be happy if it was presented to them as a gift. After a few catch-up moments with the potential, you must have noted the wine that makes them happy; that’s what you should go for, but in a more impressive manner.

You can dress the bottle with a few rose petals, preferably the recipient’s favourite colour, and plenty of sweet chocolates and berries. This way, you will not be presenting a typical bottle of wine but something more impactful in different ways.

Idea #3: Outstanding Duos

Giving a single set of similar drinks seems boring while presenting too many different flavours can be equally exaggerated. The only option is to make an outstanding combination of wines and beers in other brands and concentrations.

This package is best for more than one recipient since it sets the ground for sharing contrasting preferences and tastes. Some of the most incredible combos include red and white wines, red bull and vodka blends, and whiskey and beer sets, among others.

Idea #4: A Decanter Set

With advanced technology, decanters make everything easier, from convenient refills to the executive presentation of the drink. The dressed-to-impress system would be perfect, especially for indoor users who like to take their drink smoothly at home.

It comes fully packed with a high-quality decanter system, which is easy to operate and move around the house. A bottle of the recipient’s favourite happy-hour drink and two or three cups matching the wine and the decanter. Decanting boosts the drink’s flavour, aromas, and glory-perfect.

Idea #5: Legendary Beers and Whiskeys

Old is gold- everything gets better with the legendary oldie beers that have lived to satisfy the hearts of many. Most of these beers originate from several icons, offering quick guidance on which to get. For instance, most men believe in Johnnie Walker as masculine whiskey and would make a perfect gift for anyone.

The package includes a standard bottle or two of great beers or whiskey, related cups, a bottle opener, chocolate nuts, and a touch of flower petals to elevate their mood. Even fancier, you can have your recipient’s name, followed by ‘The Legend,’ engraved on the accessories.

Idea #6: Cigar and Whiskey Basket

Are you searching for an ideal gift for a whiskey lover? The cigar and whiskey basket is the answer to the extended search. Its external appearance is classy enough to capture the recipient’s attention from miles away without seeing the inside.

The basket comes with a high-quality whiskey bottle, filled to satisfaction, alongside two whiskey glasses with stable built-in cigar holding sections. Don’t worry if you intend to gift numerous recipients simultaneously, as this basket can be modified by adding extra bottles, cups, desserts, and snacks.

Idea #7: Liquor Tickets

Instead of getting a basket packed with drinks, you can get a fully paid ticket to your friend’s favourite liquor spot and have it over in style. It’s a great idea since they will solely decide what to get, eliminating the hassle of worrying about their favourite or least loved drinks.

The basket is best suited for two or more recipients and could be better if you joined them to create the best moments.

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