8 Famous Tea Brands and Their Packaging Designs

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  • March 7, 2022
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Tea is one of the oldest beverages globally, and it is also one of the most popular. It is fragrant, warm, soothing, loaded with antioxidants, and available in so many delicious flavours that it would be impossible for a tea lover to try them all in one lifetime.

But let’s focus on the packaging of this beloved hot beverage. Tea should be packaged to preserve its flavour and freshness, but the packaging design of a great tea brand should also catch the eyes of tea drinkers and reveal something about the company that manufactured it.

Here are eight examples of famous tea brands and their packaging design.

1. Twinings of London Tea

Twinings of London is a famous English tea brand producing quality teas for more than 300 years. A sustainable and ethical brand, they source their teas from many places worldwide.

Twinings offers teabags packaged in boxes of different colours and loose leaf tea in elegant tins that make us feel like we are part of English Royalty. The brand’s new logo is written in capital black fonts over a gold band, which helps reinforce this impression.


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2. Harney & Sons Tea

The Harney family has been passionate about tea for three generations. The result is Harney & Sons, a brand that sources and blends some of the world’s finest teas.

The Harney & Sons logo indicates master tea blenders and shows a golden arms coat. As for their packaging design, it’s possible to buy tins or bags of loose leaf tea or tea sachets. This packaging is usually black but can feature different designs and colours.


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3. Bigelow Tea

Bigelow is another family-owned tea brand, and it has been around since 1945. Their tea bags are individually wrapped in a foiled stand up pouch to lock in their flavour and freshness. In addition, Bigelow is committed to manufacturing green packaging.

Although they sell tins and bags of loose leaf tea, they are mostly known for their boxes of tea sachets, and their design changes from one variety to the other. A teapot with a leaf inside replaces the letter “O.”


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4. David’sDavid’s Tea

David’sDavid’s Tea is a Canadian tea brand known for its unique and creative flavours. They are also known for the creativity of their packaging, as their tea is available in boxes, tins, sachet wheels, and different shapes, sizes, and colours of gift boxes.

The brand is famous for its silver tea tins, which help keep loose tea fresh. They have David’sDavid’s Tea logo embossed on them, but when the bold letters of this logo are not on metallic tins, they show a beautiful teal colour.


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5. TWG Tea

TWG Tea is a luxury tea brand based in Singapore. Apart from having a strong focus on quality and flavour, the company uses hand-sewn cotton tea bags, which are biodegradable and better for our planet.

The TWG Tea logo features “1837”, which isn’t related to the brand’s foundation, but to the year Singapore became a trading post for tea and other fine products.

The brand claims to offer the finest teas globally. They sure deliver with opulent packagings such as tea bags presented in golden boxes, loose leaf tea in tall tins decorated with intricate designs, or caviar tins full of tea leaves.


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6. Tea Forte

Tea Forte is a brand offering hand-crafted artisanal teas and is known for its signature pyramid-shaped tea infusers, which allow for a perfect steep each time.

They also offer loose leaf tea in single steep pouches, resealable pouches, or elegant black canisters decorated with a colourful sticker, depending on the tea blend found inside.

The Tea Forte logo inspires elegance and luxury but also relaxing simplicity.


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7. Vahdam Tea

Vahdam is a sustainable tea brand based in India, and its goal is to preserve the tea traditions of their country.

Whether it is tea bags or loose leaf tea in resealable pouches or tins, Vahdam’sVahdam’s packaging usually features a dark green colour and gold, making their teas feel as luxurious as they are rich in taste and fragrance. Their loose tea leaves are vacuum-packed and sealed to preserve their freshness.

The Vahdam logo is usually written in gold letters over a dark green background.

8. Tazo Tea

Tazo is a tea brand passionate about challenging the status quo and fighting climate justice. They offer teabags packaged in boxes and liquid tea mixes, and flavourful bottled tea.

Their boxes of tea bags are white, with the Tazo logo in bold black letters in the middle and a colourful design showing some of the ingredients present in each blend on the top half of the packaging.


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