About Our Brewery

When you visit King Brewery you are in for a real treat.  Every piece of equipment and every investment made is focused on brewing a world class beer.  From the equipment design, to the layout of the tanks, to the cleaning and storage ritual, King Brewery is painstakingly dedicated to producing the best.

During your tour you will see one of only a few Decoction Brew houses that are in existence in Canada today.  Based on Old World German techniques this brew house delivers the full flavour and perfect taste that is guaranteed in every King beer.  Although this process creates a longer brewing day and in the end requires a much higher investment level, our facility is dedicated to brewing only the best!

Every tank in King Brewery has been designed with the ultimate goal of delivering a world class beer.  The fermenters have been designed to allow King Brewery’s special strain of yeast to work more efficiently and in the end deliver a more consistent product.  This dedication provides the beer drinker with a product that matches a taste profile that most beers could not achieve.

Creating a new benchmark in Canada, King Brewery only brews with distilled water.  This allows Head Brewer Philip DiFonzo to begin with true base water.  Philip has a unique process to remineralize the water to a necessary state to deliver the unique taste of a true to style Czech Pilsner.