Clever Tips Concerning Hiring a Car in Sydney

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  • January 9, 2017
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Have you been scrimping and saving all this year and finally you just have enough to take your family or a loved one on a well-earned road trip? Maybe you have decided to go on a week-long road trip from Sydney to Adelaide to experience nature or just a fly-drive trip around the vast Australia. Wherever you may be going, the last thing you should dare do is waste your hard earned money, or end up regretting having ever traveled. These are the top tips regarding car rental Sydney and how to take advantage of them to save money and get the best deal:

Book in advance

As with flights, hotels, as well as other such services, demand on rental cars skyrockets as the peak seasons approaches. If there are not many cars left, the car rental companies may charge as much they wish. That especially applies during Christmas, Easter, and New Zealand National holidays. Due to this, book as far in advance as possible, and you will enjoy the best rates.

Compare Websites

Some websites make it fast and easy to compare the major rental suppliers against one another on a single screen. As a result, you can search, compare, and eventually book in less than two minutes. You will even receive a confirmation number through SMS, so you don’t need to print out anything.

Book from a City, Not from the Airport

Picking up your hired car from the airport Depot may be the most convenient, but you will end up paying up to 100% extra per day on your rental. In most cases, it is much cheaper to have an airport drop-off service, taxi, or even a train to the city and pick a car from a depot there.

Replenish the Car Fuel tank before you Drop it back

If you fail to fill up your hired car before dropping it back to the company, the staff there will do it for you with pleasure. They will also charge you up to thrice the regular pump rates for that privilege. Fuel is very expensive nowadays, so do not get tricked into paying more for it.

Select an Economy Car

Before paying for a 7-seater or a SUV, do you need this luxury rental car? Hire a car with a small engine size or a hybrid if available to save money as well as fuel.

Do not Pay Up Front, if there are Chances of you Canceling

Most suppliers and comparison sites do not make you pay for a deposit up front. That means you can cancel the booking any time without suffering a penalty. Plans may change, so think twice and choose companies that do not require you to make deposits up front.

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