How to Choose the Right Custom Wine Gift Box

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  • July 20, 2017
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Are you considering giving someone a nice gift of a bottle of wine but don’t want to use tacky brown paper bag found in most liquor stores? Well, then using custom wine gift boxes is the answer to your question. There is a wide variety and types of custom wine gift boxes that you can choose from, depending on the personal preferences of your gift’s recipient. In fact, there are boxes designed to carry one wine bottle while others can carry up to half or a dozen bottles of wine. When choosing the right wooden wine boxes, you ought to ensure that you get a box that complements the style and taste of the wine. Moreover, a good wine box should also be durable and tear-resistant. However, you can decide to, simply design a customized wine gift box that fits your exact desires as follows:

Firstly, you ought to come up with the right style and dimensions of the desired custom wine box so as to get it right the first time. Secondly, you should know the number of bottles it’s supposed to accommodate and the weight of the wine bottles. If you have some woodwork knowledge, you can design your own customized wine gift box and engrave some logo or words on the surface or choose to order from a credible online store.

The Finish Wooden Wine Boxes

These are high-end customized wine boxes with a high gloss finish on their surfaces. The finish is not only for protecting the box from being damaged by air or water but also for giving an exquisite appearance. Most of these types of finish custom wooden boxes are produced in wet regions of South China, and thus they need to be painted in order to protect their surfaces from corroding. It’s best to get a supplier or designer who gets these wooden boxes from China because they have an attractive high end appearance and are very durable.

The Unfinished wooden Wine Box

Since the customized wooden boxes are produced in the northern part of China, which is dry, they don’t require finishing to protect them from adverse environmental conditions. If you’re looking for a more vintage appearance, then you should consider buying an unfinished but customized liquor box. Although the liquor box is not painted, it has a wax layer to protect its natural texture. Most people prefer these types of unfinished wooden wine boxes because they are made from woods such as yellow pear and camphorwood that have smells that enhance the taste of wine. For additional insights, you may want to visit Ekan Concepts to learn more information.

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