How to Ship a Bottle of Wine Safely and Quickly

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  • August 17, 2020
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Unless you are a licensed wine dealer, shipping a bottle of wine is a bit more complicated than it sounds. Sending gifts through the mail is not illegal, but unfortunately, sending a bottle of wine to a friend or a loved one could be.

Depending on where you live, and where you want to send your gift, it could be forbidden by law to ship wine. But just because it might be against the rules doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and that you need to find another gift idea.

Are you wondering how to ship a bottle of wine? Let’s find out helpful tips on how to ship a bottle of wine:

1. Make sure you follow the shipping laws

Before you start packaging your bottle, you should do some research on how to ship a bottle of wine. If you want to send a bottle to someone living in a state or a province where it’s forbidden, you might want to consider some alternatives instead.

If you can ship a bottle of wine to a friend or a loved one, your bottle will have to be shipped through a commercial carrier, such as UPS, Purolator, DHL, or FedEx.

2. Package your bottle carefully

If you have determined that you can ship your bottle of wine, you need to package it carefully to make sure it will not break during transit. You will need a strong box that will not split open as soon as someone lifts it up. Unless you’re absolutely certain that shipping this bottle of wine is legal, you might want to avoid using an alcohol related box.

You will also need to use some padding to protect the bottle and prevent it from moving inside the box. You could use bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, or packing peanuts.

Start by wrapping your bottle in a plastic bag, just in case something happens and it breaks or leaks. Wrap it in a few layers of bubble wrap, or with newspaper. Place it inside your sturdy box, and add some more bubble wrap, some crumpled newspapers, or some packing peanuts all around it to make sure it won’t move around during transit. When you are done, seal the box securely with packing tape, and get it ready to be shipped.

3. Choose the right courier to ship your bottle

Different couriers have different rules. Some might not accept to deliver your bottle of wine, while others might not mind at all.

Do some more research to find the right shipping provider. You want your bottle of wine to reach its destination quickly, in one piece, and without being left on a porch if the recipient is not home to receive it.

A shipping company will help you compare the rates and services offered by different couriers, so you can find one that will safely get your bottle of wine delivered to its destination.

4. Ship your bottle to the right address

If you want to ship your bottle of wine to a residential address, make sure the recipient will be home and ready to receive your gift when it gets to them. You wouldn’t want your bottle of wine to stay inside a hot delivery truck all day long, or to spend a few days in a shipping facility.

You also wouldn’t want it to be left at the doorstep for hours, especially not during a hot summer day or a very cold winter one.

If you know the recipient of your bottle of wine won’t be home during delivery hours, have your package delivered to their workplace instead, to make sure they will be able to receive it safely.

5. Consider some alternatives

If it appears that sending a bottle of wine to the location you had in mind is illegal, or if you are simply not sure, there are some alternatives.

You could purchase a bottle of wine online, or directly from a winery, and have it delivered to the recipient of your choice. Since they certainly have a license, they should be able to ship all the bottles they want.

If you love wine as much as the person you want to ship a bottle to, you could consider joining a wine club. This is an easy way to discover new wines, and even to send bottles to your loved ones as gifts.

You could also send a gift card instead of sending a bottle. If you think gift cards are boring, you could prepare and send a package that contains a gift card, a wine opener, a nice set of wine glasses, and perhaps a few wine related accessories, as well as a thoughtful message.

All the recipient will have to do is use their gift card to purchase and enjoy the bottle of their choice.

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